Wednesday, August 30, 2006

She's a Mrs. now.

Well, my best friend has finally done it. The wedding was beautiful. Of course the few days before were an absolute nightmare. Anything that could have gone wrong did. Everything from not having enough money for some of the extra things she really wanted in the wedding to taking the dresses back to the shop were we bought them to have them steamed only to have them tell us it will take two weeks. Ummmm, two days before the wedding I called and they said it would take ten minutes so we took them in the day before the wedding. Made sense to me, how about you??? It all worked out though, I think I may have actually scared the assistant manager when she told us how long it was going to take. My friend said it looked as though I had bowed up and grew to ten feet tall. I only wanted her to have a wonderful day. Your wedding day should be a most wonderful day for any woman. So anyway, she did have a photographer along with all the kids walking around with disposable cameras. Not sure which ones will turn out better because this was only the second wedding the lady had done. I'll try to pick out some good ones and post them on my Flickr account. So I'll put up another post when I do that. Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm sorry doc, did you say ear infection?

First of all, I do know it has been almost a month since I've posted. I was busy with school starting I had to buy uniforms and school supplies for my daughter. Then about 3 weeks ago my right ear started popping and later that day it felt like I had cotton stuck in it and I couldn't hear out of it. The next day the pain started and then my left ear started popping and not hearing. Lovely, especially with two kids and one of them not able to do anything for himself. The pain got worse so I called my brother and asked if he could take me to the emergency room. It had gotten so bad I had trouble walking across the room. The doc takes one look in my ear and says, "Oh my God!". Seriously not something you ever want to hear a doctor say when he has an instrument stuck in any part of your body. So, he steps around me and checks the other ear then he steps back and tells me I have not one but two ear infections. A weeks worth of Penicillin VK and Lortab later and the pain is bearable but the hearing had not come back. This time I go to my regular doctor. My favorite part is when he looks in my ear and says exactly the same thing the ER doc said, "Oh my God". Great, I take it the infection is still there? Yup, here's a better antibiotic and come back in a week. A week later no pain, but still no hearing. Which is absolutely getting on mine and my daughters last nerve. I can't hear her or the baby, so she has to yell in my ear to tell me anything and I have to keep my son near enough to me to know if he's crying. Back to the doctor and he says I have pus built up behind my eardrum, yummy. Here's two better antibiotics and come back in a week, if it's not gone by then we'll send you to the ENT and they'll have to drain it. Oh yeah that sound like fun, where do I sign up? I can hear a little better today but the pain has returned along with a constant ringing. I go back to the doc Thursday and I really don't want to have to go to the ENT. I don't think I've had an ear infection since I was in elementary school, guess I'm just trying to make up for that. :P