Wednesday, August 30, 2006

She's a Mrs. now.

Well, my best friend has finally done it. The wedding was beautiful. Of course the few days before were an absolute nightmare. Anything that could have gone wrong did. Everything from not having enough money for some of the extra things she really wanted in the wedding to taking the dresses back to the shop were we bought them to have them steamed only to have them tell us it will take two weeks. Ummmm, two days before the wedding I called and they said it would take ten minutes so we took them in the day before the wedding. Made sense to me, how about you??? It all worked out though, I think I may have actually scared the assistant manager when she told us how long it was going to take. My friend said it looked as though I had bowed up and grew to ten feet tall. I only wanted her to have a wonderful day. Your wedding day should be a most wonderful day for any woman. So anyway, she did have a photographer along with all the kids walking around with disposable cameras. Not sure which ones will turn out better because this was only the second wedding the lady had done. I'll try to pick out some good ones and post them on my Flickr account. So I'll put up another post when I do that. Thanks for reading! :)


Princess LadyBug said...

I cannot wait to see the pics. I bet you both looked beautiful!

SweetestT said...

I'll find out this weekend! Drea called me and said the professional pictures are back and she wants me to come and help her pick out the best ones. Of course, what are best friends for????