Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My life is a roller coaster.....

and I think I've used that title before. I turned 36 years old on the 4th of this month and I feel like I'm twice that. As noted in my profile I have 2 of the most beautiful children in the world, however they are not without challenges. They were both premature and in the NICU for a couple of months. My oldest is a girl, she's 12 going on 30. A few years ago she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, on top of already being diagnosed with ADHD & OCD. About 2 weeks ago her doctor and I decided to admit her into the local psychiatric hospital because she was showing signs of a manic episode. For anyone not familiar with bipolar disorder-a bipolar manic episode. It turns out she was outgrowing her meds because she grew about 6 inches and hit puberty all within the same couple of months. Puberty alone is pretty scary for a 12 year old to deal with, not to mention the rest of the family and throw the rest of it in the pot and it's......well a roller coaster from hell.

My son is 2 and did not understand why sissy was gone for almost 2 weeks. He wandered around the house calling her name and knocking on her door. It broke my heart and all I could think to tell him was she was in therapy. It was much worse when we went to the hospital during visiting hours. He didn't understand why she couldn't come home with us. Again my heart was breaking. She got to come home yesterday and we were all very happy, especially her little brother.

Monday, February 25, 2008

*Sigh* She tagged me AGAIN!

I love my sister, which is why I'm doing this meme. :P

Instructions: For each of the following, search Google Images and post your favorite pic.

1. Where I grew up:

We lived in either Shreveport or Bossier City and this is a photo of the bridge that connects the two cities. This is actually a much better picture than the actual bridge because now half of those neon lights are out and haven't been replaced.

2. Where I live now:

Not exactly my favorite pic but one of the few I could find on Google. Stonewall is about 30 minutes outside of Shreveport and much, much smaller.

I found this one too:

BUT it's Stonewall, Colorado :P

3. My name is:

My name picked up 2 things more than anything else. This writer who is also a self-proclaimed witch and a gospel singer. Scary huh?

I had to add this one too, it was just funny!

4. My grandmother's name:

This is a photograph from artist Odelle Morshuis. That was my grandma's first name and I liked this photo because it reminded me of my grandma sitting at her table every morning drinking out of her little white tea cup. And I like the artist because (Sis, you'll love this) She's from New Zealand!

This one is for me, also named Odelle and anyone who knows me will get this:

5. My favorite food:

I have more but only so much room and since I picked 2 pics for almost all the other ones, I thought I would keep it down this time.

6. My favorite drink:

I'm drinking this now and I like plain Dr. P and will probably have to go back to it because if you notice in the pic it clearly tells you "Limited Edition" :P

7. My favorite smell:

For anyone who doesn't know me, thats Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox Twenty and solo artist. I've never really smelled him but he just looks yummy, I thought seriously about putting him under #5 :P

And I'm tagging anyone reading this that hasn't done it yet!