Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Year (a little late)

this post is mostly for my mother, who has haunted me about posting since i haven't done so since.....yeah last year. Hhmmm, well i'm alive, the kids are alive for now. JC just turned four in January and according to all the potty websites that say when he comes and tells me he's wet or stinky, its time to potty train right? right?? These people obviously have never met my son. yes he comes and tells me he's wet or stinky, "mom i wet or mom i stink" great how about we go sit on the potty, quickly followed by a screaming NO and covering his ears. mmkay, what now potty experts??

and then there's the teenager, my beautiful almost 14 year old daughter. i love her, i really do, with all my heart.....but some days.....she would test the patience of a saint. which is why for every weekend for the next 12 weeks little miss i am too big for my smart mouth and sticky fingers will be going to young marines boot camp. my mother, who by the way IS a saint, has agreed to give up her Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings to take her since the dragon has decided to find something else wrong that i don't have the money to fix.

on a brighter note at least for me, i've been talking to someone new. over the internet......~pause for the freak-outs~ Yes, i do understand there are crazy people in this world and most of them own computers and pay for internet service. THAT being said, He is a very nice man, has a job, treats me like a princess and i haven't managed to scare him off with my life's craziness. He lives in England which thrills my sister but bums me out since i have no clue when we will actually get to meet but i have patience....somewhere, i'm sure i can find it. Until then we talk on yahoo and IMVU.

Guess thats it for now.....until next year, lol. just kidding mom.

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Princess LadyBug said...

There ARE crazies out there, but my darling sister you are one of them. :P

You know one or two more posts and you will have posted more than me. You should get right on that. ;)