Thursday, May 11, 2006

Things you may or may not know!

I AM: Sweet T!
I MISS: My best friend, Gregory.
I SMELL: The roses and they are beautiful.
I CRAVE: Chinese once a month, yeah at that time of the month.
I WORRY: About my friends and family, especially my kids.
I REGRET: When I think about the 'What If's', whatever happened cannot be changed.
I LOVE: Him, and I guess I always will.
I DANCE: Only on the inside now, unfortunately.
I SING: Along with all the songs I like or try to when I don't know the words.
I CANT STAND: Stupid people, especially the ones that think they have common sense.
I LOST: My virginity, but I'm not saying when.
I LIKE: To read.
I LISTEN: To Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty as often as I can.
I CAN BE FOUND: At home 90% of the time.
I NEED: Something too personal to post on this blog, lol.
I KNOW THAT: When I die, I'm going to heaven. How about you?
I HOPE: That my children will someday become responsible, successful adults that still know how to have fun!
I WANT: To take a nice, long vacation.
I AM ALWAYS: Doing things I know I shouldn't do.
I CRY: More than anyone knows.
I FEEL: Tired.
I WILL: Survive.
I WONT: Ever tell my deepest secrets.
I THINK: I'm spoiled rotten.
I SHOULD: Stop being so hard on myself.
I COULD: Fall in love again, if given the chance.
I WOULD: Like to have that chance.
I DIDNT: Listen to my mother as much as I should have.
I LOOK: For the good in everyone.
I HEAR: Voices and they don't like you.
I HURT: Myself with the stupid choices I usually make.
I HATE: It when I can't remember the important things in life.
I FEAR: Heights and closed in places.
I DONT: Spend enough time with my friends.
I FEEL: Like I am finally in control of my life.
I CARE: Way too much about what others think.
I AM ALWAYS TRYING TO: Save money, I have 20 cents in my savings account. I guess that's not going well.
I WRITE: To get things out of my head, so they don't drive me crazy.
I PLAY: Well with others, depending on who they are.
I LEARN: Things from my children everyday.
I WILL BE: Happy with everything one of these days.
I SAY: Things without thinking first.
I DONT THINK: I'm as good as I could be.
I LOVE TO: Have my hair washed.
I ALWAYS: Have my cell phone turned on, if I don't answer it I've left it laying around somewhere.
I HAVE: Faith and
I BELIEVE: In faeries.
I AM: Better than I think I am BUT
I NEVER: Want to think I am better than anyone else.
I WISH: The best for all the ones I love.

Thanks for reading.

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