Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bathroom Hell(p)

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my kids. Having said that I'm not real sure my beautiful 10 year-old daughter feels the same about me anymore. She comes to me after school and tells me she wants to clean up around the house. I'm thinking great, why not start with your room, maybe a few loads of clothes or take out the trash? She's stopped asking to clean the kitchen, I'm very, VERY anul about my kitchen. The whole house could be a wreck but my kitchen is clean. Anyway back to her "cleaning", she wanted to start in my bathroom because she said it was the worst (as if it could be worse than her room). I honestly do not remember what the hell I was doing at the time because she managed to find something under the kitchen sink that she thought was for cleaning silver. Ok, remember she's ten so anything remotely silver was "cleaned". She even took down my towel bar, cleaned it and left it on the counter. Later when I asked her why she took it down and didn't put it back up, she told me it was because it needed new screws (my first thought was no sweetie, the towel bar doesn't), What's wrong with the old ones? They were dirty, I couldn't get them clean. Dirty? Nevermind, forget I asked. And the stuff she found under the sink to "clean" with, Slick Silicone Lubricant! Now since she has sprayed this on every metal object in the bathroom, it's everywhere, including the floor. I have to mop now because if I don't walk slowly in there I'll end up on my rearend. And please don't let me step on a towel or piece of clothing on the floor or I'm skating! So my towel bar AND the towel are on the counter and my bathroom floor is an ice rink. Thanks sweetie, Momma loves you.

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Princess LadyBug said...

How big is your insurance policy? Maybe she's looking to upgrade her bike.

Happy Skating!! :P