Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2nd Word!

My boy is a genius, genius I tell you. He conquered his first word and is working on his second. Right now it sounds kind of like 'Bampa' which in English I hope will soon translate to Grandpa. My dad is JC's buddy. He has this huge recliner and they sit in it everyday and just chill out. My dad plays his handheld game and JC plays with his toys with an occasional nap thrown in. And just so she doesn't feel left out of anything for his third word we are going to try for sissy. I don't think that one will give him any problem considering everytime he sees her, his little face lights up like a Christmas tree. And when she sings to him, it's like magic. He's hardly ever quiet now, but when she sings to him its like he's in a trance. And everyone was so worried she would resent him. I love my kids, have I mentioned that lately?


Princess LadyBug said...

They are both wonderful!

Um, when do you think we can work in "Aunt Re"? Just curious. :P

SweetestT said...

Soon, I have a list going in no particular order. Cuz you know there are some uncle's, lol.