Friday, November 10, 2006


Ok, I recently had another birthday. 34th for those of you counting. :P
I tried to pass this day off as any other day. KEEP MOVING PEOPLE, nothing to see here, nothing to see. Unfortunately I have friends and family with other ideas. I got a bouquet of flowers and a cake from a very good friend of mine, a card and $60 from my father and my mom and dad serenaded me that morning. My sister, who even lives in another state than me, got in on the action. She of course had to trump everyone with her 'present'. I love her and I love what she wrote for me, so please go check it out. Happy Belated Birthday, Tammy! While you are there, you should also read her other stuff...she's talented in a way I only wish I could be. Thank you again, Sis. Much love to you.


Princess LadyBug said...

You just had to make me cry too, didn't you? :P

Pass the tissues. I love you too.

SweetestT said...

Of course, I had to share in cleaning the sinuses.